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Commendations to Comrade Rupert of ST Freakz! He has a supply of fully compatible HD 1.44mb drives that are “plug n play” compatible with all Atari TOS systems, including that obscure beast, the TT. The drive in my TT was sadly rather unhealthy.

I initially swapped it out with that from the STe which worked fine, but 1) left the STe with no drive, and 2) meant the TT only had a 720k DD drive instead of 1.44mb HD. Since, unlike on the PC, floppy disks still play an important role on Atari systems, that is not very helpful.

Rather than refurbishing old drives, Rupert’s offering is a brand new drive but assured to be completely compatible, being recognized either as HD or DD depending on what type the system supports. However, the fascia that comes with the drive is that of the standard PC types, with a rectangular eject button and flat rather than lipped face. Thus, to mount it in the stock TT case the eject button needs to be filed down to avoid snagging on the case (meaning the disk wont be read).Even with this though, the drive leaves a frankly ugly cosmetic appearance, since the lip on the Atari drives covers up the raw edges of the mounting point. I asked Rupert if it would be possible to swap the fascia over with that from the dead Atari (actually a customised Epson) drive. He informed me that you couldn’t, and on examination the mounting lugs for the two models are in different locations.

However, not be deterred it turns out there is a rather “hack” method of re-using the original fascia to create a pretty good aesthetic result that does still work a treat:

┬áSo, here’s the how-to: (more…)