GEM Programmer’s Documentation

Below I am compiling a selection of resources useful for the GEM programmer that are either hard to track down, scattered around, or not available at all. Where possible I have compiled them (or recompiled them) into PDF documents for readability and printer friendliness.

This is partly for my own reference to consolidate everything into one space, but I hope it will also be of use to others looking to experiment with GEM development.

* Oren, T (1985) – Professional GEM, ANTIC

A collection of a 14 chapter series in ANTIC magazine, covering principles of GEM, how a GEM program and resource file functions, a guide on calls and functions in GEM and sample code in C. I have recompiled the seperate ASCII files from Wikipendium into a indexed and page numbered PDF document, and made minor changes for readability.

* Atari / Digital Research (1985) – GEM Resource Construction Set (MANUAL)

Scanned copy of the original manual for the GEM Resource Construction Set, the original RSC editor. Even if not using the RCS package, it still provides some useful background information on how RSC structures work and how to develop them. From the Atari Documentation Archive.

* OSS  / ICD (1985/89) – OSS Personal Pascal v2: A Reference Manual

Scanned PDF of original manual for OSS Personal Pascal, with extensive documentation of GEM calls. Thanks to FujiMan for this!

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