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I started work on this project a long time ago, but after a long hiatus, some of the work was lost in a hard drive failure. This project is now restarted and active, so check back here for updates.

The project will be a functional translation of Expresso, the wysiwyg HTML editor released in French by OXO systems. Translation is being carried out in Interface v2.30.

And here’s a screencap of progress, for those interested in such things…. Google, the answer to all of life’s problems?



GEM Programmers Documentation

Posted: September 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

I am compiling a selection of resources useful for the GEM programmer that are either hard to track down, scattered around, or not available at all. Where possible I have compiled them (or recompiled them) into PDF documents for readability and printer friendliness.

This is partly for my own reference to consolidate everything into one space, but I hope it will also be of use to others looking to experiment with GEM development.

You can find the documentation in the link at the top of the page for GEM Programmer’s Documentation.