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Posted: August 23, 2012 in PuppySoft
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So, having some free time after my exams, I’ve decided to think of what projects I’d like to work on for the TOS platform. My firstt ask is really to get back in coding in general, since it’s been over 10 years since I’ve done anything, and that was with 8-bit Atari Basic, and ST Basic, neither being notable for encouraging a structured approach.

I have been playing around a little with GFA Basic, and that has helped give me some discipline at this area, but there is a long way to go, especially in dealing with Resource Editors, and linking them to GFA code, not something I’ve ever dealt with before.

Nonetheless, here’s a few of my ideas:

Imperialist Dog
Metric, imperial and scientific unit conversion Desk Accessory
This is the one project I’ve already being working with in GFA. Very simple idea, but useful when using an Atari offline, when Google Calculator isn’t available. As a few oddities, I’ve thrown in are:
* Ancient Egyptian royal and regular cubits, hands and iteru.
* Modern Egyptian feddens
* Chains, quarts, barrels and fluid ounces

Planetary object tracker program
A modest program that will calculate the relative positions of planetary bodies in the solar system at any given time. It will display them graphically, with each body being clickable for additional information.

Electronic compendium of Egyptian funerary and theological texts
A simple electronic compendium of Ancient Egyptian funerary and theological texts (in transliteration and translation) that is fully searchable and hyperlinked.

Long-term there are also several projects I’d like to undertake, if I can get sufficient time to gain the experience and expertise necessary to actually have a shot at making them successful.

  • Adding DHCP support to STing
  • DOCX, PPT and XLS file viewers
  • Create drivers for a USB scanner and wifi adapter over the Netusbee interface.

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