Glorious New TT Demonstrates Superior Atari RF Shielding!

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Good Bloggy!, Hardware of the People!
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I’ve been spending time over the last week or so getting my “new” TT sorted out. When it arrived my first job was to give the interior a clean and remove the RF shielding (early revision TT’s featured an aluminium RF shield rather than the spray on “paint” on the inside of the plastic case). I like to remove this as it serves no useful purpose whatsoever, but does cause heat build up (even though the TT has fans, the RF shield inhibits cirulation of air and prevents convective cooling) and also makes access to the system easier. 

To do this, I first had to remove the ST-RAM and TT-RAM cards. This revealed that my TT is indeed an early model – the CPU is daughterboard mounted! The daughter was a late stage modification to the original TT design to boost performance – the original design was for a 16Mhz  68030 system. Rather than redesign the the motherboard to handle the 32Mhz CPU that was used, a daughterboard was added to accommodate the necessary changes. Later models incorporated the daughterboard onto a revised motherboard. Whilst interesting, the practical impact was that the daughterboard sits directly underneath the TT-RAM, and immediately abuts the TT-RAM motherboard socket. Attempts to fit it again after removing the RF shield came to nothing. After a few days pondering and asking on forums if there was anything obvious I was missing there was nothing to do except screw the TT-RAM down to hold it in place. I was wary about doing it, imagining the rather hard to find board snapping in my hands… Thankfully all was fine, and system performed perfectly, booting with the full 16mb TT RAM showing!


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