Greetings, Comrades!

Posted: January 22, 2012 in Good Bloggy!, PuppySoft
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Welcome to the homepage of PuppySoft! Here you can find information and files for all of my current software efforts on the Atari TOS platform, and musing on future projects. 

This site also serves as my personal homepage for anything relating to my interest in Atari systems (both 8 and 16/32 and true 32 bit systems), and also acts as a blog for both “official” PuppySoft updates, as well as chronicling efforts with my own systems on restoring, tweaking and generally working with 20-25 year old computers in the modern world.

Unlike many current Atari users, my interests in the platform, particularly the 16/32 (ST/STe) and true 32 bit (TT/Falcon) systems is in using the systems as a day to day replacement for the PC in various daily tasks for which I use computers. In my case, this is primarily in word processing, image editing, web based research (mainly handling online databases and PDFs), email and the like.

I’m also interested in software development. As a kid I played lot with 8-bit Atari basic on the 800XL and Metacomo’s ST-Basic on my prized very 2nd hand 520STfm (I still have ST-Basic, but not the 520!). Alas, for a long time I have not had the opportunity or resources to get back into coding, so my skills are rusty, and somewhat obsolete to say the least – neither Atari nor ST Basic being suited to development of modern TOS / GEM software. As such, I’m now pretty much starting from scratch with GFA Basic and experimenting with different resource editors to create programs worthy of the PuppySoft brand 😉


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